Free Download Alyeska v3.0.3 – ThemeForest Responsive WordPress Theme (new version)

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Free Download Alyeska v3.0.3 - ThemeForest Responsive WordPress Theme (new version)

Elegance. Flexibility. Awesomeness. These are the words that instantly come to mind when trying describe this amazing WordPress theme. This is the theme that’s going to get you or your client’s site up and running in no time. With all of the possible combinations of layout options, you’re sure to end up with a unique, elegant website that you can be proud of. Nothing has been held back with this one. It has all the professional touches you’d require in a WordPress theme along all the personal ones, as well – I’ve even named this theme after the mountain I grew up shredding as a kid in Alaska. It’s professional. It’s personal. It’s the best. This is Alyeska.

Whether your website visitors are browsing from a Retina MacBook Pro, a Retina iPad, or any of the other high-resolution devices that inevitably will come onto the market, this theme has you covered. The theme’s stylesheets automatically check each website visiter’s device pixel-density ratio, and then serve up all of the theme’s details crafted for their specific resolution. The result is a graphically beautiful experience, no matter the device

Alyeska Changelog 3.0.3

  • Fixed bug with post grid display in IE8.
  • Fixed image logo display in IE when no image width is set.
  • Fixed Gallery Override feature of mini post grid being limited to 5 images.
  • Fixed CSS call to missing images in dark.css.
  • Added background color and image selection to WordPress Customizer.
  • Minor improvement to in-dashboard updates.
  • Added filter to themeblvd_show_comments.
  • Added filter themeblvd_get_option for every time an option is pulled.
  • Admin jQuery improvements for 1.9 – Converted all .live() to .on()
  • Fixed ThemeBlvd_Select_Menu_Walker::start_el() PHP 5.4 strict error.
  • Fixed IE8 Carrousel slider display bug.
  • Fixed CSS overflow quirk with Nivo slider type.
  • Fixed double website title bug in Feeds.

[Demo]: Alyeska v3.0.3 – Responsive WordPress Theme

[Download]: Alyeska v3.0.3 – Responsive WordPress Them

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