Free Download Flat v1.9.9 – Responsive WooCommerce Theme (Latest Version)

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Free Download Flat v1.9.9 - Responsive WooCommerce Theme (Latest Version)

Flatsome is a beautiful responsive theme inspired by modern eCommerce designs. We’re a WooCommerce-only company that loves eCommerce and WordPress. We want your shop to look amazing and be loved by your customers!

Compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.9+ and WordPress 3.9+

--- 1.9.9 ( 02.06.2014) ----
NEW: Better Shortcode inserter!
NEW: New Tabs Shortcode styles. Centered tabs and Pills style.
NEW: New product page tab styles. Centered tabs and Pills.
NEW: Embed Youtube videos to [ux_banner]. F.ex [ux_banner youtube="9d8wWcJLnFI"] (Beta)
NEW: New page template - Boxed header.
NEW: Horizontal blog post slider. [blog_posts style="horizontal"]
NEW: New Awesome Category grid shortcode. [ux_product_categories_grid number="12" parent="0" orderby="name"]
NEW: [scroll_to] shortcode.
NEW OPTION: Possible to add custom HTML content before "My account" and "Cart" in header.
NEW OPTION: Open featured item grid and slider items in a Lightbox. Add lightbox="true"
NEW OPTION: Added style="divided" to [row]. Add lines between columns.
NEW OPTION: Added hover="focus" to to [col]. Fade out other columns on hover.
NEW OPTION: Added title="" to [section] shortcode.
FIX: UX Sliders are now more responsive. Add height="" to the [ux_slider]
FIX: Improved Block editing experience.
FIX: Setting logo container width for centered layout now works.
FIX: Improved [featured] Shortcode. Added img_width="" option for icons.
FIX: Improved style of Price table shortcode + fixed bugs
FIX: Fixed lightbox for simple images in blog posts.
FIX: Wide Nav / Centered Wide Nav on iPad potrait is now proplery hidden.
FIX: Login button on mobile and iPad now works.
FIX: Mini Cart now auto hides if user click outside or wait some secounds.
FIX: Fixed white gap on bottom of pages.
FIX: Product gallery zoomed image is now correct based on variation.
FIX: Better style for Product Add-ons.
FIX: Shop Header HTML now only shows on main shop page (not paginated pages).

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