Free Download Flavor v1.10 – Themeforest Responsive/HD Magazine/Review AJAX Theme

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Free Download Flavor v1.10 - Themeforest Responsive/HD Magazine/Review AJAX Theme

To update your theme:

  1. Make a full site backup (database and files)
  2. To download the latest version of the theme, go to the “Downloads” tab in your account. Select “Installable WordPress file only” to download the latest theme files.
  3. Unzip the downloaded theme files on your computer
  4. Use your ftp client to copy (overwriting) the files to wp-content/themes/[theme-name]/ on your host server. You can either upload all files completely, or just the ones listed in the update log below if you prefer.

 Version 1.10 – 1/8/2014

  • flavor.xml file updated to fix broken links
  • Pagination now scrolls user to top of post loop when accessed
  • Background ads now use target=”_blank”
  • Function for retrieving users’ ip address improved
  • Shortcodes enabled in post loop ads
  • Fixed issue with disabling category in featured slider
  • Fixed issue with author showing up on non-relevant pages (woocommerce, buddypress, etc.)
  • Fixed login logo image width issue introduced in WP 3.8
  • WP admin menu now uses white versions of minisite icons first if available
  • Line breaks are now rendered correctly in Positives/Negatives, Bottom Line, and Details fields
  • Reset meta boxes now appear on standard posts
  • Top like button is now clickable on single posts/reviews/pages
  • Awards and badges can now be given separate slugs so that the names can contain special characters (accents, symbols, cyrillics, etc.)
  • Comment count at top of post now links to comments section
  • New theme option for forcing minisite logos to always link to the main site home page
  • Theme options style tweaks
  • New theme option to remove the name of the minisite from the minisite article permalinks so they appear just like normal posts
  • Fixed a bug with number of recommended filters displayed when method is set to “tags or categories”
  • Fixed bug introduced in the previous theme update affecting featured image sizing on single review posts

Files Modified:

  1. flavor.xml (contained in the main Flavor-Theme folder)
  2. framework.php
  3. style.css
  4. inc/featured.php
  5. inc/logo-bar.php
  6. inc/page-content.php
  7. inc/scripts-ajax.php
  8. functions/ajax.php
  9. functions/core.php
  10. functions/minisites.php
  11. functions/minisite-meta-boxes.php
  12. functions/reviews.php
  13. functions/theme.php
  14. functions/admin/it-options.php
  15. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  16. functions/admin/assets/css/admin.css
  17. functions/admin/assets/css/menu.css

Files Added:

  1. images/placeholder-430.png

Content Carousels & Sliders

  • Trending carousel with AJAX filter controls
  • Sizzlin’ carousel rotates selected articles
  • Featured carousel
    • Slider Revolution jQuery advanced layered slider
    • Completely responsive from 1140px widescreen down to mobile
    • Embed videos directly withinin the carousel
    • Customize all caption transitions and effects
    • 3 pre-defined layouts (small, medium, full-width)
  • Top Ten carousel ranks posts using several different metics from a specified timeframe

Premium WordPress Theme Components

  • WooCommerce 2.0+ full integration and compatibility
  • BuddyPress 1.7+ compatible
  • AJAX admin panel
  • 630 Google fonts
  • 130 icons (via super-fast icon fonts)
  • Full Google rich snippet and review integration
  • Unlimited custom sidebars
  • Unlimited colors and styles (custom logos, layouts, toggle display of all sliders and elements)
  • Shortcodes based on Bootstrap library (see them in action):
    • Alert boxes (4 styles, 2 types)
    • Buttons (5 sizes, 7 styles, 2 types)
    • Content Carousel
    • Hero Unit
    • 130 built-in icons (any color or size)
    • Labels & Badges (6 styles)
    • Columns (one half down to one sixth, mix and match)
    • Lists (15 styles, any color)
    • Modal Dialog Box
    • Popovers (4 directions)
    • Tooltips (4 directions)
    • Progress Bars (5 styles, 3 types)
    • Blockquotes (including right-floated pullquote)
    • Signoffs
    • Tables (5 styles)
    • Toggles & Accordions
    • Tabs (2 styles, 4 layouts)
    • Dividers & “back to top” links
    • Styled ampersands
    • Miscellaneous utilities including divs, spans, clearers and floats
  • Widgets
    • Clouds – Displays your tags, categories, and/or minisite primary taxonomy items in a tag cloud format.
    • Latest Articles – Displays your latest articles from a specific minisite, all minisites, or all articles.
    • Minisite Articles (Tabbed) – Displays the latest articles from selected minisites in tabbed format using the minisite icons as the tab navigation.
    • Social Counts – Displays social counts for the most popular social networks.
    • Social Tabs – Displays Latest Tweets, Facebook Like Box, Flickr Photos, and Recent Comments
    • Top 10 – Widget version of the Top 10 carousel.
    • Top Reviewed – Displays top reviewed articles from a designated recent time period for a specific minisite or all minisites together.
    • Trending Articles – Displays articles with several available filtering options.
  • Custom menus (3 locations)
  • Featured videos (display them in your article listings too!)
  • Paged, nested, styled comments
  • Custom login logo
  • Background overlay option, and alternative flattened design option
  • Custom 404 and search results layouts
  • Localized and translatable (.po file provided)
  • Tested and works great with BuddyPress 1.7+

Industrial Theme Framework 2.0

  • One-click minisite builder
  • Complete Review/Rating system built in:
    • Stars, Numbers, Percentages, Letter Grades
    • Weighted criteria
    • Editor and User ratings (or one or the other)
    • Rank all reviews by editor or user ratings
    • Pretty jQuery rating animations
    • Live AJAX user total score updating
    • Users can create detailed reviews and submit them in the comments
    • 5 star colors
  • Three main layouts: right sidebar, left sidebar, full-width
  • Grid/List view live AJAX switcher controls
  • AJAX post loop sorting & filtering controls:
    • Most Recent
    • Most Liked
    • Most Viewed
    • Highest Editor Rated
    • Highest User Rated
    • Most Commented
    • Most Awarded
  • Custom ad network (supports Google Adsense and any other ad vendor)
  • 30 footer layouts
  • Unlimited social badges
  • Views & Likes stats with live AJAX updating
  • Awards & Badges system (custom user-defined)
  • Related posts engine (5 algorithms to choose from)
  • Minisite directories (2 types, 4 styles, 2 layouts)
  • Author listing template (exclude/include by role or username)
  • Page-specific background images and colors
  • Theme options for Google Analytics, custom CSS, and custom JavaScript
  • Theme Options importer/exporter tool
  • Complete demo site provided with 3-step install instructions
  • Fancy tooltips
  • Email signup

Web Design & Development Specs

  • Built with Twitter Bootstrap 2.3+
  • Works with WordPress 3.5+
  • Validated HTML5
  • Responsive (1140px wide down to mobile)
  • HiDPI/Retina ready
  • Combined CSS and JavaScript for fast performance (minified JavaScript)
  • Icon fonts for fast performance
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9, and IE10
  • Correctly imports internal WordPress jQuery and jQuery UI libraries for fast performance and high plugin compatibility
  • Extensively tested with Pingdom/GTMetrix and fine-tuned for lightning-fast performance. See our Performance Report for an explanation of vendor recommendations

[Demo]: Flavor v1.10 – Responsive/HD Magazine/Review AJAX Theme

[Download]: Flavor v1.10 – Responsive/HD Magazine/Review AJAX Theme

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