Free Download Measurement Price Calculator v3.1.2 – WooCommerce Extension

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Free Download Measurement Price Calculator v3.1.2 - WooCommerce Extension

Configure a calculator to allow customers to add product quantity by dimensions, square footage, weight, etc; or sell custom-sized products priced by unit: per meter, cubic yard, etc

This highly flexible and customizable plugin allows you to add and configure a calculator to your products which are sold in quantities based on their dimensions, square footage, volume or weight; or allows you to sell products which priced by unit of measurement (per square foot, cubic yard, etc). This allows you to easily sell products which have a known measurement per item: for instance a box of tiles that covers 35 square feet. Or sell products which are priced per unit: perhaps mulch sold with a price per cubic yard, allowing the customer to provide an area and depth of mulch, with the calculator deriving the total cubic yardage and final price. Configure any combination of units and customize labels to meet your stores needs.

Key Features

  • Use the quantity calculator for products based on known product measurements (i.e. box of tiles)
  • Use the pricing calculator for products priced and sold by the unit: foot, square meter, cubic yard, etc (i.e. garden mulch by volume)
  • Product prices can be displayed per unit (i.e. “$1.75 ft”, “from $3 / sq m”, etc) in catalog/shop and product pages
  • Pricing calculator inventory support: product inventory can be managed “per unit” NEW
  • Pricing calculator dynamic weight: product weight can be configured and calculated “per unit” NEW
  • Pricing calculator pricing table: set stepped prices based on product measurement ranges NEW
  • Calculators available for all physical attributes: dimensions, area, volume or weight
  • Area calculator by simple area, or length x width
  • Volume calculator by simple volume, by area x height, or by length x width x height
  • Use any combination of units
  • Customize measurement and pricing labels
  • Variable products supported Requires WooCommerce 2.0 and up for the pricing calculator
  • Special Room Walls calculator for selling wallpaper

[Demo]: Measurement Price Calculator v3.1.2

[Download]: Measurement Price Calculator v3.1.2

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