Free Download One Page Theme – Hotthemes WordPress Theme

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Free Download One Page Theme - Hotthemes WordPress Theme

One Page WordPress theme uses popular “one-page” approach where all content is located in one long page. When user clicks any of the menu items, the site doesn’t open another page, but scrolls to the selected part of the single long page.

Websites that have everything on a single page are relatively new trend in web design. This approach is usually appropriate for smaller or portfolio websites, but even more complex websites in some occasions can be developed using the single-page principles. The main advantage of this approach is that visitor has feeling of ultra-fast loading of new content without any interruptions. Actually, a visitor of one-page website, if it’s properly created, have feeling he/she is using an application loaded directly into the browser.

This theme has been based on a clean design and can be used for many purposes. Together with this theme, you will get our new Hot Full Carousel plugin, which can be used for making responsive slide shows for your site. This theme is also equipped with several more useful plugins, such as Hot Lightbox and Hot Simple Contact.

How the Theme Works? How to Use It?

First of all, it’s strongly recommended to start with HotStart installation which will copy theme, all plugins and all demo data. Please read documentation PDF for detailed instructions about HotStart installation.

Hot One Page theme loads several WordPress posts. They are differently styled and some of those posts contain widgets inside (slideshow, ligthbox and tabs). The classic widget positions are only on top (logo, menu and big intro image) and bottom (copyright text).

Big Image Switcher

It’s placed in the widget position “Header 1″. To change heading and small text, simply edit the textual widget. To change default two images, the easiest way is to create two image and name them as “town_summer.jpg” (the first image) and “town_winter.jpg” (the second image) and to upload them both using FTP to /wp-content/themes/wp_hot_one_page/images/custom (overwrite original images).

Posts in the Demo

The theme demo contains 6 posts and describes a fictional county of Yellow Heights. We will describe each post here and explain how each post has been built. It will help you to understand how to edit them.

  • Welcome A simple post with textual content.
  • The Environment It contains Hot Full Carousel widget and some textual content. This widget in published in the widget position “Hot Full Carousel” and it’s inserted into the post with “Widgets on Pages” plugin. When you edit this post, you’ll see the shortcode needed to load this widget into the post.
  • The Neighborhood A simple post with some textual content and images.
  • County Management It’s recommended to edit this post in TEXT mode. This post contains 4 tabs. Click on each tab shows content for this tab. To create tabs, you should format your post properly. Basically, tabs are in DIV container with ID “#tabs”. Inside it, there’s an unordered list (UL) with 4 elements (LI). Inside each LI element, there’s a link (A) with target (HREF) set to “#tabs-1″, “#tabs-2″, “#tabs-3″ and “#tabs-4″. Inside each link element, there’s an icon image and heading of the tab. After the unordered list (UL) element, there are 4 DIV elements with ID set to “tabs-1″, “tabs-2″, “tabs-3″ and “tabs-4″. Inside each of these DIV elements, you put content for your tabs (in our demo, it’s an image of a person and some text).
  • Gallery This post contains Hot Lightbox widget (position “Hot Lightbox”) that’s inserted into the post with “Widgets on Pages” plugin (via shortcode – edit the post to see the shortcode). This post also contains some text.
  • Template Features The post that you’re reading now. It’s make from plain HTML formatted text.
  • Contact This post contains the contact form. The form is created using our Hot Simple Contact plugin (published in widget position “Hot Simple Contact”) which is also inserted into the post with “Widgets on Pages” plugin.

[Demo]: One Page Theme – Hotthemes WordPress Theme

[Download]: One Page Theme – Hotthemes WordPress Theme

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