Free Download Qualia v3.1 – Themeforest Flexible Multi-Purpose Theme (Latest Version)

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Free Download Qualia v3.1 - Themeforest Flexible Multi-Purpose Theme (Latest Version)

    • Clean, Modern Design
    • Retina Ready
    • 2 Logos (default logo and alternative logo for occasional use)
    • Favicons for Standard Browser, iPhone, and iPad
    • INTRODUCING: Color Sets System
      • Define up to 10 Color Sets
      • Set each Color Set: background, base, subtle, text, strong, and accent color
      • Live Preview Settings
    • UNLIMITED Color Combinations
    • Auto Fallback Color into HEX format for older browsers
    • Styled standard widgets
    • FULL CONTROL over all Typography
      • All headings Typography (h1 – h6)
      • Body Text Typography
      • Button Text Typography
      • Navigation Links Typography
      • Blockquote Text Typography
      • Page Title Typography
      • Page Divider Typography
      • RevSlider Typography
      • Standard Regular Fonts
      • 600++ Google Fonts
      • Upload Custom Fonts
      • Configure font face, size, style, weight, transform, line height, letter spacing fore each typography
      • Live Preview Settings
    • 100% Responsive Design
    • Responsive Breakpoints Configuration (Meaning you can even control how Responsive your site you want!)
      • Standard / Default
      • Enable or disable Wide Screen Breakpoint
      • Enable or disable Tablet Breakpoint
      • Enable or disable Mobile Breakpoint
    • Customize Body Layout
      • 3 Layouts: Wide Layout, Boxed Layout, Boxed Spaced Layout
      • Set different layout on specific pages
      • Set different background color and image on specific pages
    • One Page Website
      • Optional PAge PreLoader
      • Smooth animated scroll navigation
      • Auto scroll detected navigation
    • Customize “From Head to Toe”
      • Customize all sections: Top Header, Header, Sub Header, Content, Footer, and Copyright
      • Assign color set to every sections
      • Set background image
      • Set custom classes
      • Set section’s separator
    • Additional Top Header Section Customizations
      • Change Top Header text
      • Activate Top Header menu
      • Activate Top Header social links set
    • Additional Header Section Customizations
      • Enable or disable Floating Header
      • Set Header Attachment: Normal or Absolute
      • Optionally change absolute header background color
      • Use Alternative Logo on specific pages
      • Activate Mega Menu on Menu Item
      • Activate Button Menu Item
      • Activate Social Icon Menu Item
    • Additional Sub Header (Page Title Section) Customizations
      • 3 Modes: Normal, Centered, Side by Side
      • Enable or disable breadcrumb
      • Optionally set specific background image for specific pages
      • Configure top and bottom spacing
    • Additional Content Section Customizations
      • Set Sidebar Position (left, right, or disabled)
      • Configure top and bottom spacing
      • Or you can split into UNLIMITED multiple sections (via “Multiple Sections” Page Template)
    • Additional Footer Section Customizations
      • Set any number of columns (max 6 columns)
      • Set each columns’ grid and offset
      • Put widgets
      • Put shortcodes
    • Additional Copyright Section Customizations
      • Change copyright text
      • Activate Copyright menu
      • Activate Copyright social links set




v3.1 - March 5, 2014
Removed: WooCommerce version 2.0.x compatibility in favor of WooCommerce 2.1.x new version. Please update your woocommerce to version 2.1.x
New Feature: Typography settings now has subset option for the specified font family
Fixed: some styling bugs
New Feature: Option to hide Footer
New Feature: Option to hide Copyright
Update Plugin: RevSlider

[Demo]: Qualia v3.1 – Themeforest Flexible Multi-Purpose Theme

[Download]: Qualia v3.1 – Themeforest Flexible Multi-Purpose Theme

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