Free Download Salient v4.0.0 – Themeforest Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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Free Download Salient v4.0.0 - Themeforest Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Salient is an ultra responsive, beautiful WordPress theme that is perfect for freelancers, photographers, designers and creative agencies alike. Its stunning design and layout capabilities will give your portfolio pieces the attention they deserve.

Version 4.0

  • Added Transparent Header Option + 2nd logo option
  • Added Options for Page Header background color/text color/text alignment
  • Added Option to use Page Header on Portfolio/Blog items
  • Added Option to Import/Export Theme Options
  • Added in Google Map coloring options
  • Added Nectar Slider “Flexible Height” option – allows for perfect scaling
  • Added Nectar Slider option for “Minimum Height” – usable when using Flexible Height
  • Added Full width content column options
    • Options for column padding
    • Options for column background image/color + opacity
    • Option to vertically align content within columns
  • Added Option for Full Width Header
  • Added Two new portfolio styles
    • Meta overlaid w/ zoom on hover
    • Meta from bottom on hover
  • Added Option to define colors for each project that will be used with the thumbnails
  • Added Option to define custom text per project that will be used instead of the date
  • Added New font to selection “Lovelo”
  • Added in new typography options for headings
  • Added Option for Ext. Responsive mode which increases the max width and makes it scale by % on desktop
  • Added in new column/image animation – flip in
  • Added in all portfolio styles to the image gallery element too allow quick portfolio like layouts on the fly
  • Added in “Constrain Columns” option for portfolio element – will keep the columns to 4 on all desktop displays
  • Added Fancy List element which allows you to add icons/animation in standard unordered lists
  • Added a new Team Member style to choose from
  • Added option for Nectar Slider down arrow which will scroll the user to the section below
  • Added in the ability to use icons within the button shortcode
  • Fixed Ext Latin Characters not appearing on Mobile Devices
  • Fixed reordering of clients/testimonials in page builder
  • Fixed parallax header to slide down only when image is actually loaded
  • Fixed prettyphoto bg not showing in chrome for a few seconds after click in nectar slider
  • Fixed image gallery nectar slider style not loading in ie11 when “do nothing” is selected for “on click” option
  • Fixed testimonial slider with one testimonial to not show pagination dot
  • Fixed external projects from showing via the next/prev buttons on project single page
  • Fixed video page builder element to not show extra “)” in some setups
  • Fixed woocommerce quantity selector in Chrome to not show extra +/- selection on hover
  • Fixed nectar recent work widget to respect external project link
  • Fixed tabbed when using Japanese symbols
  • Fixed pingback style
  • Fixed home slider to load in on Chrome when no BG image is supplied for first slide
  • Fixed home slider to load on ie8
  • Fixed easy modal plugin nectar slider conflict
  • Fixed nectar slider text sizes to respond dynamically based on typography options in all views (when using fullwidth option)
  • Fixed mobile landscape view to become wider
  • Fixed video embed from disappearing in nectar slider when resizing window when slider is out of view
  • Fixed starting category on mobile to not open the dropdown menu
  • Fixed gallery post format to not show css code when no text is entered when using excerpt option

[Demo]: Salient v4.0.0 – Themeforest Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

[Download]: Salient v4.0.0 – Themeforest Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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