Free Download Salient v4.1 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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Free Download Salient v4.1 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Version 4.1

  • Added RTL Support
  • Added option to size testimonial slider according to tallest quote
  • Added Infinite Scroll option for blog/portfolio
  • Added new button style + coloring options
  • Added option to enable lightbox on default WordPress galleries/image links
  • Added option to force or disable the transparent header on a page by page basis
  • Added new social sharing options
  • Added ability to use Nectar Slider texture on image BG’s
  • Added option to disable the Salient Visual Composer
  • Added ability to use % for top/bottom row padding
  • Added column hover BG color & column entire link options
  • Added Alegreya Sans and Alegreya Sans SC in google fonts
  • Fixed js error from superfish
  • Fixed column animation to correctly turn off when unchecking the box for it
  • Fixed Pricing table to respect color option on non highlight columns
  • Fixed IE11 issue with down arrow on Nectar Sliders
  • Fixed self hosted video to expand full width in portfolio lightbox & remove js error
  • Fixed icon with text when using boxed column
  • Fixed iPad landscape transparent header bug
  • Fixed recent projects to allow clicking on mobile
  • Fixed transparent header to work on Woocommerce category pages
  • Fixed header starting color from getting overwritten by custom color scheme text color
  • Fixed wpml lang selector to show in mobile menu
  • Fixed VC image center to properly work
  • Fixed excerpt to show if using visual composer for post
  • Fixed limitation with using multiple maps on same page
  • Fixed italic Google fonts to work in chrome/safari
  • Fixed woocommerce input number spinner in quantity selection in latest Firefox
  • Fixed header text alignment/font color to still work when not setting a BG color/image

[Demo]: Salient v4.1 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

[Download]: Salient v4.1 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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