Free Download Slider PRO v3.9.2 – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

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Free Download Slider PRO v3.9.2 - WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

Slider PRO is one of the most powerful slider plugins for WordPress on the market.

The slider is fully responsive and mobile-ready. It provides 150+ options, 100+ possible transition effects, from simple ‘fade’, ‘slide’ or ‘swipe’ effects to more complex ‘slice’ effects, 15+ skins and much more. Also, the slider’s administration area is very powerful and uses the default WordPress design, which WordPress users are already familiar with.

This slider plugin is carefully coded, using WordPress development best practices. Please take a look at the list of features below and visit the slider’s dedicated website,, for more information, screencasts and examples.

  • Responsive – Slider PRO is fully responsive.
  • Layers – You can add animated layers and static layers.
  • Dynamic content/Featured slider – Automatically load data from posts, pages and custom post types, based on any taxonomy.
  • Flickr – Load Flickr photos based on Username ID or Set ID
  • Video -Easily add YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos inside the layers
  • Touch-screen – Touch-screen enabled Swipe effect that can work horizontally or vertically.
  • Thumbnails – Can be simple images or HTML thumbnails. The thumbnail scroller can be responsive and touch gestures are supported
  • Transition Effects – More than 100 possible transition effects
  • Highly Customizable – More than 150 customizable properties. It’s possible to set options per slide.
  • Skins – More than 15 slider skins and 7 scrollbar, few of them also providing color variations
  • Lazy loading – Set images to be lazy loaded in order to save bandwidth and loading time.
  • Fullscreen – Real Fullscreen capability in browsers that support HTML5 fullscreen.
  • Lightbox inside slider – Built-in Lightbox support, that supports a variaty of content, like images, YouTube/Vimeo videos, HTML pages
  • Slider inside Lightbox – It’s possible to open the slider inside a lightbox
  • Multiple sliders – You can load multiple sliders on the same page and
  • Kayboard Navigation – You can use the left and right keyboard buttons to navigate through slides
  • Shuffle – Possibility to shuffle the slides

[Demo]: Slider PRO v3.9.2 – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

[Download]: Slider PRO v3.9.2 – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

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