Free Download SupportPress v1.0.41 – WooThemes WordPress Theme

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Free Download SupportPress v1.0.41 - WooThemes WordPress Theme

SupportPress, our second application style theme is designed to create a clean and simple, yet powerful help desk using WordPress core functionality.

SupportPress’s Unique Features: 


At the core of any help desk is a solid ticket system. In SupportPress your users can submit and watch their own tickets while your agents can assign priorities to those tickets and delegate actions to other team members. Tickets are added via an intuitive front-end form while customers are encouraged all along to thoroughly search the knowledgebase to avoid duplicate issue reports.


One of the biggest burdens of any help desk is spam and repeated issue reports. SupportPress has been designed to encourage users to search your knowledgebase thoroughly before reporting any issues. Knowledgebase articles can be voted upon based on their usefulness to the user. Articles rated more useful than other will be displayed with more prominence on the frontend.

Smart Dashboard

When using SupportPress your users and agents have totally different agendas. That’s why we’ve built a smart dashboard which adapts to the type of user currently visiting the site. SupportPress delivers a knowledgebase search and list of ‘my tickets’ to users. Guests can browse the knowledgebase and are presented with a registration form which will enable them to submit new tickets. Agents see a statistical overview of the system listing tickets by status and priority.


SupportPress allows you to pin or stick chosen blog posts to the homepage. This is a great way of avoiding an influx of tickets when you are performing any scheduled maintenance.


In SupportPress you can communicate with your agents and manage private information with messages. Think of messages like a blog, but one which is only accessible by your own team.

Convert tickets into knowledgebase items

Once a ticket has been resolved you need an easy way to convert it’s contents into a knowledgebase item right? With the click of a button you can pass the ticket data to the ‘add knowedgebase item’ write panel within WordPress. Convenient!

[Demo]: SupportPress v1.0.41 – WooThemes WordPress Theme

[Download]: SupportPress v1.0.41 – WooThemes WordPress Theme

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