Free Download WorderbyPress v1.2 – Codecanyon WordPress Plugin

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Free Download WorderbyPress v1.2 - Codecanyon WordPress Plugin

WorderbyPress is a plugin that allows you to easily re-order posts, pages, categories, custom taxonomies, tags and custom post types by a simple drag n’ drop without extra page!

It’s fully integrated into WordPress edition pages! This plugin is the perfect solution to re-order nerly any type of content even if those contents are created by another plugin or by your theme.

This plugin can be integrated into any theme with an extended licence and as it’s totally unbranded, you don’t need to do anything special to provide it into your own themes or plugins!

Let’s say that you theme creates some custom post types and some custom taxonomies, and you are also running a plugin that is adding some other custom post types and custom taxonomies (hierarchical and non hierarchical)…. Well WorderbyPress takes them into account without any action from your part.

All you have to do is to activate the plugin!

That’s the perfect tool! White branded because there’s no settings pages, and multisite ready !

Simply drag n drop any content and the order is automatically saved! No need to go on an extra page to reorder posts, pages etc… and no extra table are created. The plugin is using the WordPress APIs!

[Demo]: WorderbyPress – Codecanyon WordPress Plugin

[Download]: WorderbyPress – Codecanyon WordPress Plugin

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