Free Download WordPress WDF*IDF SEO Calculator

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Free Download WordPress WDF*IDF SEO Calculator

With the WDFIDF Top Ten Calculator wordpress Plugin you can optimize your texts for search engines according to the latest rules. Keyword-Density was yesterday! Get better rankings by adjusting your WDFIDF using this plugin.

This plugin is very simple and intuitive to use. It analyzes your text to the specified keyword and to determine the top 10 rankings of google. In the next step the plugin crawl the 10 most frequent keywords on every page of the google top 10 and analyzed this set of hand WDF * IDF formula in relation to the own content.


– Graphic representation of maximum, average and private value

– Evaluation of up to 60 words

– Representation of the top 10 ranked sites in comparison to your own page

– Includes existing stopword list

– Add your own stopwords

[Demo]: WordPress WDF*IDF SEO Calculator

[Download]: WordPress WDF*IDF SEO Calculator

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