Free Download WPML v2.1.3 – WPML Media Translation (Latest Version)

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Free Download WPML v2.1.3 - WPML Media Translation (Latest Version)

Do you have trouble duplicating images and other media between languages? You’re not alone. It’s always been a problem and now it’s solved.

Many themes, especially those designed for photographers and artists, rely heavily on the WordPress Gallery functionality. Until now, you had to upload copies of the same image to all translations, in order for it to appear.

The new WPML Media Translation plugin solves this in a slick way. Without wasting space on the server and without limiting your flexibility, you can now have the same images for all languages, or specific images for each translation.

Background – How WordPress Attachments Work

When you upload a file (image, video, podcast, etc.), WordPress saves it in the uploads directory. It also adds a record to the database that says File X belongs to Post Y. This record is called an attachment.

When you insert the Gallery shorttag to a post, WordPress looks for all the attachments that belong to that post and displays them nicely together.

For galleries to display the same images on translated posts, the images on the disk don’t require duplication. We only need to duplicate the attachment records. This is exactly what WPML Media Translation does.

Duplicating Images for Existing Posts

After you enable WPML Media Translation, you’ll see a message offering you to complete the setup. Visit the setup page to automatically copy attachments from posts in the original language to translations.

[Demo]: WPML Media Translation

[Download]: WPML Media Translation

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